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Atypical Shoes is a blog dedicated to interesting and unusual shoes. While some shoes may be considered by some to be ugly and others to be outrageous, the only guideline here is that the shoes are quirky.

I'll try to post shoes that are in an affordable price range for the average person, although I may throw in some with an outrageous price tag so we can have a good laugh at the sillyness of it all.

If you have seen any shoes that you would like to see posted or would like to share, please feel free to post me a comment so that we can share them together.

Mystery Shoes

November 18, 2006

mystery shoes

I saved these shoes last month to feature on this blog while I was still planning it, but now I can't remember what brand they are.

I know that I found them on, but couldn't find them again after multiple searches.

They have a classic design, but what I think really sets them apart is the beautiful heart details around the back and stitching on the front. They are really the type of shoe that you could wear with dresses, skirts, and jeans and are perfectly suitable for a fall wardrobe.

I'd love to hear if anyone knows what these are or where I can find them again.

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Anonymous budgetdiva said...

Not a fan of these at all. They do look like Paloma Barcelo's. Try searching that brand on zappos.

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Martin said...

Those shoes are soooooooooooo fabulous and what an awesome photo. I showed this blog to my girl friend and she really it as myself and she really really loved those shoes. We hunted for it in all online stores, but unable to find one and at-last ended up purchasing Women's Steve Madden Saddle boots.

3:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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